About Us

We are a friendly neighbor grocery store with a variety QUICK pick-up items of fresh grocery items and many specialty seasonal & yearly fruits and vegetables.


The fruit and more store will be your best stop if you are looking to fill your fridge and pantry or to just simply pick up supplies to make a quick meal, hot or cold!

Our store offers many variety’s of groceries. From a variety of authentic Mexican foods and drinks to your every day foods and always fresh fruit and veggies from local and top southern Texas growers, picked up and delivered by our own company.

To make your stop even more convenient we offer easily accessible up front parking just a few steps from the door! Even though it is a short distance we will never hesitate to give you a hand carrying heavy items to your vehicle! This is a family owned Business and we want it to feel like home for anyone who walks through our doors.

Our passion started with watermelons!

More than 40 years ago, Giesbrecht watermelons was a large steel shed filled with watermelons. We shipped right from McAllen Texas warehouse Home to the best watermelon’s south of Dallas.

We serve the whole Southern Manitoba region with the rich red fruit. We now provide and distribute a full line of fresh fruits and vegetables, locally sourced meat, Pizzas, and frozen grocery items and specialty items to meet our customers’ needs. Offering high-quality products and excellent customer service, we supply a broad range of specialty items to retail customers with the freshest and most delicious Texas watermelons and local southern Manitoba fruit and vegetables.